Loneliness  is  the  easiest  thing  to  feel
There  is  nothing  that  was  ever  unimaginable.
(sometimes  I  wonder  whether  the  world  is  a  mirror.)

There is a hierarchy of fact in which the most menial of things has no meaning.  All the buildings are floating and the empty spaces clothing the ground are cowering in the fear of being eaten, but your eyes will keep them alive (because the first thing you ever heard couldn't have been a lie; then you haven't a truth. Not a thing wouldn't collapse.) When the person walks from you, it is the coldest pavement carrying you away, pulling you back. He is pushing; when he seeks your palms, the pavement moves forward. You are consequence, flawed. Futile. You will find your feet motionless- then invisible, when the clouds pass you by. You will forget your limbs, and never need them.

In  the  mountains,  I  studied  light, and where it all was-
Once you possess the furthermost thing,  you really haven't travelled at all.