We are children.
We dance among twinkling stars
We sing lullabies to the waterfalls
Rock it to sleep, and float upon the drowsy water
Like laughter, and emerge glorious.

We are dreamers.
We perch upon clouds
Sift the snowflakes through each other’s parted fingers
We watch as they float to the ground like feathers
Reminiscing upon their flight--
A land of echoes is fresh upon our carved palms.

We are wanderers.
We roam the void without an engraved destination
Catching dreams, unearthing ideas
We cut beautiful scriptures upon the land with our wings
Crystal pathways free of footsteps.

We are poets.
We weave rainbows with a million winged threads
Each a different shade.
We twirl the earth upon carefree fingertips
Toss it through lighthearted air into a land of imagination.

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