dreams fell but
i never caught them because 
they were heavier than me.
it was so easy 
to drop them, and say i forgot or
i messed up. forgive me.
don’t let me go.
it was so easy 
to yell at the barren branches and
the plain walls. they never turned away.
they never cried with damp brown
eyelashes, honey strings of hair 
fall over your face in three curtains. 
they never flooded memories onto the yellow
blades of grass in rivers, stained the edge
of my  transparent collarbone, they never
drip, drip, dripped blood onto the sliced
bread, and peppered it with  that flavor that
made me not eat ever again. 
the flavor that was like elastic or
thoughts or 
you make me want to scream one octave
higher, screeched notes stretch 
over my neck and strangle me. 
i want to swallow those letters
gulp the precious air in gasps
of lightning and maybe some raindrops too.


and forget. someone inside me
tells me lies in that alluring whisper
that i’ve dreaded ever since i saw that picture
of us, and i was leaning on your shoulder. 
i wondered if it would always be that way
or if someday it would be the other way around,
or if maybe you would leave me behind.

it isn’t possible.

i didn’t want to know. i retch into the sky, vibrate 
above mind-blooms, like a hummingbird.
the words don’t come out, because they’re stuck
somewhere in the middle
i turn blue
into an imaginary rainbow on the ground. 
maybe  i am beautiful.


Lonely Soul said...

I love your words. Very inspiring. Engaging. It's like my forever-lasting golden pages.

Kirthi said...

This is really great! I agree with Lonely Soul!
You won an award at my blog!

Inkgirl~ said...

Thank you. As always, it means a lot to me.

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