Glass feet

Walk away from that inked path 
On the tiled ground-- a mockingman
Calls out, "Measures a hundred
Thousand feet by a thousand feet!"
He inks those boundaries too with his
Glass pen. Is his ruler an illusion?
Can this mud ground be measured at all? 

Walk away from that inked path because
You don't know what the future holds.
You don't want to know, but they call you
Deviant and not-paying attention and 
A hundred other names that aren't yours, then
Your feet sink just a little into the slush. Still,
Their eyes search the sky and can't find anything
Beyond that pallid blue beauty; they ink that too. 

Walk away from that inked path, it'll
Break your glass feet and the shards will pierce
Your stumps, and it won't stop, because you didn't
Look left or right or up or down when you were 
Walking. Rewind the story and step on that place
Free of footprints, that place where the memories
Were washed away by tears. Your tears.
Weave a new beginning. 

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R_TEST said...

love it! I guess this was inspired by the "deviant turtle" comment, eh?

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