We loved the smell of carnations in the morning.
We loved the way the white moons lit our hair
In the warm summer afternoons, our fingers entwined
Into thousands of sparkling diamonds that were
Only for our laughing, dancing eyes.
I wake up every dawn to the memory of your heartbeat
Soft, but still there
We were alive
We danced in the rain and waved to the honey-clouds
That smiled at us from the winter-gray sky
We collected the raindrops on our wrists and made them
Sing lullabies. Sometimes the trees joined in
With their whistling voices and waving arms.
Sometimes I think the warmth of my pillow is the comfort
Of your chest, your lemongrass fingers combing through
My hair, a single strand
We were alive. Your heartbeat rocked me to sleep
And carried me to a distant land, where time
Stood still, and we could spin the moment
Into a rainbow embroidery
We were alive
Wherever you are, I hear our hearts
Beat together, a symphony of life
Thudding like pebbles on water
Will the waves soothe me to a fantasy?
Or crash me awake to this imaginary reality?
We were alive.

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