It doesn't seem to stop raining. This is a rare moment: it's slowed to a drizzle so lazy even the windows don't catch the raindrops:

Somehow, you don't realize how much you miss the scorching sunlight(yes, even if it burns you and makes you feel a lot more tired than you should) until it's gone. In all fairness, though, these sudden bucketfulls of rain really compensate for the everlasting drought we seem to have had-- the lake-level is finally up to par. The air is as humid as ever, though, and it's a bit sleep-inducing...

... but my bamboo is overjoyed--it couldn't be happier, and it's flourishing; it's finally sprouting new leaves. And on that account in particular, neither could I. I dont have worry about watering it as much as I would otherwise-- last year's summer was dry enough to force me to water it three times a day. But now, I water it once in two days, and it looks beautiful next to my dried flowers on my windowsill:

The sight of the new tufts of grass in our backyard is beautiful as well, even through the insect screen:

And the greenbelt, behind the fence, is green:

It's raining again now; there are raindrops on the insect shield again:


Beth Kephart said...

It makes me happy to see your world.

Inkgirl~ said...

I still envy your snow. :)

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