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Due to the site's previous incompatibility on mobile devices, and general slowness of loading, I've changed the layout. The site is now more or less compatible with most mainstream mobile devices, such as iPhone's mobile Safari(the only one I use in person), and, as I should assume, other mobile browsers as well, including those on Blackberry and Android OS. It should also load faster. The new layout is, in addition, less irritating to the eye, I hope.

I also now have a Cbox. Feel free to comment. 

On a separate note, I took a couple of hours to stop by the theaters and catch Alice in Wonderland. I have to admit that though it varied from the book at many significant parts (Alice, for instance, visits Wonderland, not Underland), it was one of the best movies I've had the fortune to watch over the past few years. Alice and Looking Glass has always been my favorite classics due to the seemingly nonsensical extent of imagination that reside in the novels, but I think that it is the sheer 'open minded-ness' of the events in the book that make for an amazing and legendary piece of literature as well as an infinite reread. The movie did perfect justice to this, both by the animation and by the script; many of Carroll's quotes were incorporated into the script, my favorite being, "Why I sometimes believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast." However, I felt like too many Carroll quotes were purposely crammed into the script, making it seem slightly forced. 

I wish that they'd incorporated the chess pieces aspect in Through the Looking Glass into the script-- that's been one of my favorite parts of the book ever since I first read it. I did, however, enjoy the  humor of the Red Queen's demands, as well as the added personality given to the Mad Hatter(in the books, he just seemed sheerly mad). And I adored the "Futterwacken" sequence at the end of the film. Still, I did find the ending a tad unsatisfying-- it seemed far too quick, Alice joining her uncle's company in a flash of maybe two minutes. I'd rather she have stayed in Wonderland. 

An observation: the animation in the movie was very similar to that in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

(edit: they seem to have both been directed by Burton.)

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