Moving past rejection

Today, the wonderful Beth has up a very moving and inspirational post on moving past no. I myself have been rejected more than once; by teachers, publishers, colleagues, even, though it is somewhat irrelevant, my computer. No, they've said, your writing's too flowery. No, you can't expect to not change your work and get anywhere. No, you're being far too antagonistic. No, you data's incorrect. No, you are far too slow, and yet, you still make mistakes.

No, it isn't perfect.

It will never be though, and sometimes, it seems impossible to be entirely satisfied with your own work without approval. But you can't give up on yourself. Stick with yourself the whole way through, and deep inside, you will get what you deserve.

Beth also points out that during times of rejection or loss, you should let yourself free. Don't bottle it all up, or else you'll explode.

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