she tells me, stop crying, but
I can't listen.

tangled branches on a sheet of paper, I
cannot find my way

chase your heels, find what you will
never see; 
maybe you will discover the meaning of
a single blade of grass, crinkled
by footsteps

here there are
mixed pathways, have I veered

now she lets my tears
to the ground and
a dandelion
blossoms there, tells me;
there is no wrong turn, only
a different journey


Meanwhile, fellow females, go here. What an excellent post. It made me feel stronger today. 


R_TEST said...


I think this page has gotten too rich, to be viewed well on every browser. Do you mind making the background a bit leaner, so that some of us fans can read your poems? Right now I can only see the snow falling and the ads on the side. Yes, I see the title of each poem, but cannot see the body!
Hope you will oblige.


cuileann said...

My browser had some trouble loading this page too...

But thank you so much for the link, chica. I am so glad to hear that it made you feel strong. (You are strong.)

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