I'm [still] here.


We haven't met for a while, but I haven't forgotten you yet.

I am so damn loaded with work, and this is the greatest pitfall of taking a Parisian vacation in the very middle of a seven class year. Really, jet-lag was nothing. I developed a strong flow of adrenaline that first day just from surviving the nine hour plane ride from Houston to Paris in the very back seat of the aircraft, right next to the engine. Somewhere in the bustle of boarding the flight, I stuffed my carry-ons in some random overhead compartment and lost track of it. So, during the nine hour period in which we were airborne, I didn't have access to my laptop and other stuff, only to my gradually discharging cellphone(in airplane mode--cabin crew have sharp noses that I'd rather avoid). But, I'm a restless person, and so whenever I got excessively bored, I made a trip to the restroom.

Pardon me for my temporary disappearance. In compensation, I have pictures. Many many pictures.

I'll do my very best to get these up on Flickr asap(Flickr for people who won't pay up also won't take all my photos, so I have to upgrade sometime), but for now, a smaller photo montage should suffice.

The one conclusion I've come to is this; Europe can't have enough of pigeons. There are too many.

Labels later. As always, click if you'd like them bigger.(As you can see, some of these are from Rome, Pompeii, and Vatican City. I was there for three days. )





Erin said...

I reallllllly like these photos; especially the first and the last.

Edge said...

My inner Southern belle just swooned at the amazingness of these photos.

love is colder than death said...

hello! :))

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I am stunned by the beauty of those photos. They bring back a bit of Paris and those memories back to me. But it was a different world then -- or I was younger and more innocent. Thanks, Roland

Julia said...

Mita-- hi!

elly said...

Oh, Paris is the most wonderful, no?

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