the bottomless things

sunday afternoon on the river. the bridge cartwheels over the shores like the top-string in a tapestry. in the water, the sky is deep and high all at once. canoes are paintbrushes, fish are wind. a ledge bears a trickle that isn't a waterfall. it is falling faster, and faster, and faster more. 
the dream boy; his eyes are smiles and marbles. he is a lanky replica of a birch tree sketched by Escher, impossible in some way. he substitutes language with laughter. his arms are blankets and his fingers are butterflies, but his face, his face-- 
he has no face. 


mckenzie. said...

Love the escher reference. He is fascinating!

Athena. said...

Hello Dearest!
In response to your question, my friend has a type-writer and sometimes I borrow it; I scanned the words 'hearts' and 'little stories', hence the slight discolouring around the letters!
However, this is rather tedious, and I think you could get the font, and type up the letters via Word? I'm not too sure though - it is a little less authentic, and you may have to ask someone who is more familiar with the process!
I hope this helps :)
And if you were asking about the 'I pledge to read the printed word', it is a click-through link that enables one to use html to have it on their blogs sidebar!
Lots of love, xxxxx

Fleur said...

this is magic!

Anonymous said...

oh how the final line captures me.

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