the dark, the dark; she cries into the brush translucent tears that filter a spectrum and in the morning everyone is laughing for the sake of effervescent dewdrops. daybreak is not where sight begins; there is the shadow and there is the person, and the shadow comes from the person and isn’t the person. they both stand on each other’s feet and they are each other’s ground, phantom reflections, broken by the sun like diamonds in a frenzy. she thinks that what the shadow is of the person is a familiarly outlined spill of water, something that just cannot be colored in, but really, from third perspectives, that’s all that strangers seem.
the night, the night; it pierces her with lonely ache and ghosts of things she cannot remember. (they tell her that snowflakes are frozen teardrops and her heart a tangle of weeds, she wills herself deaf, but they pull the aperture of her ear wider open.) she flies into the sunrise and morphs to spilt colors. but in the morning, she does not believe in the horizon. she aches now with light, with knowing.
she held a shadow for a compass; she never did learn of the distinction between night and day.

1. Back from touring south india (tanjavur/madurai/trichi) at last. photos here.
2. this


mckenzie. said...

I am such a fan!

Jhordyn Ashley said...

This is a gorgeous piece dear! I love your talk of shadows and ghosts, it sends a beautiful little shiver down my spine.

xx and hugs


Anonymous said...

beautiful blog, beautiful words....
i'm your new follower :)


John said...

The writing here is excellent. I'm a new blogger, and a new follower.

Sympathy for The Devil said...


love this.

Athena. said...

Oh, you are so wonderful: please do not forget how beautiful your words are, because they are hauntingly so. xxxx

Melee said...

Oh, this is gorgeous indeed! I just want to whisper these words to myself over and over.

Lizard said...

Thank you for visiting my blog - I am glad you like my photos! Your blog is so wonderful and your words are amazingly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just want to let you know that I have read this post every day since you posted it. My soul is singing words of praise, of joy, of heartbreak for this piece is just perfection. You're so elegant, so eloquent and effortless in the way you craft. I wish I could be more like you!

Thank you for your comment (and also for following me, although I don't understand why anybody would...) Death Cab are just everything to me in many cases, and Transatlanticism is the song that has helped me the most out of everything they've done. That album is flawless, don't you agree?

You're a gem and I'm so flattered you took the time to even glance upon my words. You don't know how much it means to small old me.
Hoping you're more than well!

Norah xx

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