This photo was taken by my friend, Anoop. All rights reserved. ©2010

Dive into solitude--
If you inhale the floating thoughts you won’t choke
On change, that brand new hymn of five notes riding
On the back of a silver wave. Can you hear them
Singing the soft note of life, breathe
In and out, in and out

Watch the the lily-pads above your swirling hair
Lush green ballerina crowns atop the part of your
Auburn curls, rainbow blooms of thought sprout
Beneath your scalp, and you smile,
A golden waterfall arch, a dream.

Can they hear you
Sweep aside the deep blue strands of imagination
With happiness? Catch the moment with rose-petal
Fingertips, a sandpaper robe of silence.
Clutch the horizon and never let go.

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Anoop said...

I am listening
To the silence this moment
In the midst of noise.

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