Ten raindrops painted a hundred colors
In the sky, then fell onto your red cheeks and
Trickled to the ground. A leafling climbed
Up the milk stalagmite, with soft palms
To that wet spot of sorrow. It peeks
Fleetingly, at the white mist-clouds
Hugs its water-coat closer, shivers
In the uncertainty of the single ray
Of moonlight. Did you listen
To the rustle of the weeds, as they sung
Their off key song to the distant stars?

I fling my jacket at the empty
Spot in the night sky, wipe away your tears
With my index finger. Autumn leaves dance in circles
Around my feet, whispering ring around the roses.

I grow here. I thrive.

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in the wake of light, your words bring me more(please, do leave your fingerprints behind, so I may relish the image of our hands after you go.)