They yell, their waving voices
Surround my asymmetric braids
And fly away, wings a hurricane.
But all I hear is the music.

I dance because they can't hear
My toes strike the ground, one
Two, three, one, two. They
Can't hear my accompanying rainbows
My wind-orchestra, my song.

Find a seashell beneath the wavering
Shoreline, let the waves carry your feet
Away to that island, the stardust one
Free of footsteps, but filled with wingbeats.

Listen. The dried-sand brushes
Your ear, and fills your world with whispers,
Some echoes too, an ocean full of
Flute lined sunshine. Fill your pockets before you
Lose your breath among those tangled coral-bead
Necklaces; don't let them choke you. 

Fly away singing because nobody will
Fence you in a square and let you beat upon
Those cruel, metal bars. Welcome to this
Crusty satin daydream; nothing hurts here.
Discover that lost and confusion deserted your
Soprano mind, maybe yesterday or last year, when you
Skinned your knee on that left turn, that gravel sidewalk.

Mountains call behind you. Whip around and befriend
Your invisible pillow; throw your solace up
To the overhead drizzle-- catch the raindrops on
Your tongue, and embed them into your soul.

Run until your breath is bouncing on your stomach, run
Until your spectrum curls whip your face with the wind, run
Because nobody will ever ever stop you; they cheer on.

Swirl the wind into patterns
Golden and silver, maybe the color of wet grass and
Painted skies. Float away on a lavender river
Against the current, effortlessly. Watch the
Wandering reeds on the bank comb your hair into rainbows
Watch as they whisper against your cheeks, jump
To the clouds and never fall down.
Welcome home.


R_TEST said...

Very nice! But History homework still remains undone :-(

Inkgirl said...

Ah. But see, I'd already written the poem on my iPod's notepad.

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