Full moon and NPWM

The full moon was absolutely gorgeous today, and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures, even with the ever-so-slightly off focus crappy camera I had on hand.

Also, National Poetry Writing Month is coming up. This year is my first as a public participant, and the prospect seems exciting. I'll have a poem up every day, and will tag all the posts with a NPWM label, so that you can view all this month's poems together(when you click the label). I should create a NPWM archive button for the right hand side of my page when the month is done. 

Additionally, I today ran into a blog button at shabbyblogs.com that read 'Sometimes, it's okay to be a follower'. While it was the cutest button, I didn't put it up for fear that someone would think me attention-desperate, which I like to think I'm not. However, I'd like to take another moment and thank everyone who's ever left behind a comment or followed me, for letting me know that you are listening. It gives me comfort, and I am thankful every minute. 

But I would love to round up a few followers in the process of NPWM, as it'll be a flurry of posts here; I have indeed started to post less frequently, both because I'm busy and because I like to give my viewers a little while to meditate on each post, let a few comments flow in before the next post goes up. Until then, I save my thoughts on my dashboard. 

I will be in Cleveland for the next week as well, so if there happens to be more than three inches of snow, there indeed will be pictures. 


p.s. to those who've let me know on commenting issues in this small world of my blog, know that I'm working on troubleshooting them. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Inky,

Not all readers post comments for every post, but we read and enjoy all the same. :)


Inkgirl said...

I know you read my blog. :) Don't worry, the message wasn't particularly directed at you.

Love your latest posts, by the way. I should add you to my blogroll.

Priya said...

Lovely pictures! And good luck on NPWM!

P.S. I'm not a follower because I don't like the "following" system on Blogger, but I am a subscriber on Google Reader!

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