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Today, I fished up an old poem of mine that I wrote when I was eight-- a very long time ago-- titled The Bird. As far as I can remember, it was my first attempt at free verse, and while I'm pretty sure I've improved quite a bit over the past many years, I do think that the poem is cute, and somewhat respectable:

The Bird
The wind lifts into the air
A creature that's been resting
In circles it moves its wings
And gently lands on a tree

Then again it commences 
The long journey it'll take

Searching for food
For the hungry stomach

It finds the food
And swoops down on it.
Pecks at the grain
Then flies away gracefully.

I remember writing it in a dusty Spanish classroom for a poetry assignment, along with other children who were using thesauruses. Those times were nice, they were. 


Kirthi said...

Wow, this is a beautiful poem! Visual!

Annie said...

Good poem. I can imagine the beautiful scene very well...

Anonymous said...

Simplicity filled with views! Love it.

Medical Librarian said...

I like this poem a lot--even more from knowing you were only eight at the time. Excellent.

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