(photo credit; by Caroline, a friend of mine)

you’ve wasted my time;
you made me dream of magic whenever it wasn’t perfect.
i measured myself in years, then, back when we
drew crooked hearts and stars on a sidewalk with
chalked fingers
remember? you would take my hand and
the distance between our palms would be 
the three weeks between our birthdays
now, i can’t remember if i’m old or young;
when it all started, if it ever started
will it ever end?

i know where you’ve been, now we all smell
like freshly picked strawberries and granola
a laugh, now; then
somebody screaming, maybe
then silence.
i’ve wanted this for so long, this
droning, soft, curved wind, this
inaudible whisper in my left ear.

we wove white petals of magnolia through
each other’s ponytails and 
didn’t care if our fingers got tangled 
in that flyaway mess
counted each other’s fingers until 
there were seven on each sweaty, soft 

i’m running now and i don’t know where

this road goes, because i dropped
my compass back in day before
i’ll dance when i get there. 

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I love it.

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in the wake of light, your words bring me more(please, do leave your fingerprints behind, so I may relish the image of our hands after you go.)