A poem a day

Maya at allegro reminded me that Nation Poetry Month is approaching me too quickly. I love the imagery of their posters-- the lines on this year's poster are beautiful, as is the imagery. The fogged glass on last year's was a breathtaking picture as well-- the words Do I dare disturb the universe went well with the image. I did participate last year, but made a point of keeping my work to myself. This year though, I'll be doing a poem a day, or as much poetry as I can squeeze into my schedule. 

Meanwhile, a must read over at Danielle's; her poem seaweed


Priya said...

I love both of these posters :)

Maya Ganesan said...

Do you plan to share your pieces this year? :) I hope you do.

Inkgirl said...

Thank you, Maya. I'll definitely be doing my best to share my poetry. .

Annie said...

Wow, last year's poster was superb.

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