NaPoWriMo #15 and #16

    I would like a pair of winged sneakers 
    so I can escape 
    the friction of this ground
    it was 
    April and cherry blossoms and
    a single strand of hair caught in the teeth 
    of my comb
    spiral staircase curling
    upwards; it makes my head
    spin, hammers me to the floor

    the cups of your heels strike the ground
    with rhythm
    applause is a noun, the clap of hands;
    no expression
    bedridden, throat parched
    will it ever rain?

    crisscrossed breeze;
    it tangles me, it confuses me;
    it makes me. 

you kick up the sunlight with 
your feet, never let it go.
sand now, instead of sandals;
sprinkled waves of grain beneath 
your feet, not foam.
you’ll be my king and i’ll be
an ace, we’ll seep into the 
gaps between your toes. 
spiral of a shell, ocean breeze
crashing in your ears.
moon-tide, rounded light;
let the waves 
wash, wash, wash you away. 

(not the best, but the best I could come up with today.)

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