NaPowWriMo #13 and #14


her eyes fill the window like
a wall hanging that tries
not to share the sunlight.

you are running among
the fences that surround
brick houses, and gardens of
wilted flowers

only to see
the green sparks
in her eyes.


the year before the last, i had
a moment of unabashed bliss
that went forgotten.

i wish now that someone
would hold my eyelids shut
and teach me the art of not knowing;
the art of obliviousness

and an owl
will fly by silently
no rustle of feathers, no
glistening eyes

a mile later, it will
and the sounds will blur and
intertwine with the pounding
of my head.

after that, i wish that
i would fade
to a darkness of wings and white.


Priya said...

These are wonderful... I really like the first stanza of "desperation."

Anonymous said...

I like it!

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