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Hi there.

As you might have noticed, the title of this blog has changed. While the URL will remain the same, I feel as if this site has changed very much in tone and mood since I started it; the new name, iridescence, in my opinion, fits it all so much better.

Iridescence, in my opinion, is an art, the art of being able to shimmer in a rainbow of colors no matter how you are seen. It is the art of not being constant, but bright and beautiful all the same-- of catching the light no matter where you are. It is why rainbows seem to fade in and out, but leave the sky a gorgeous blue.

Things have been changing around here. The stress of the end of the working year is wearing off just a little bit, and trees and flowers are in full bloom. While my study still can't fairly be deemed clean, it is a little tidier than usual-- I've had a little more time to clean it up. The rivers and creeks were dry last year-- now they're full to the brim, and the water is raging. I have gone back to my four-hundred plus calorie routine at the gym, after recovering from my multiple shoe-bites/blisters; but still, the iridescence has been maintained.

And speaking of changes, there should, hopefully, be no more drastic ones around here (the site). I'd like it to stay as accessible as possible.

Furthermore, because I'm currently in a predicament of randomness, have I ever mentioned how much I love math? It's such a whirlwind of a pastime. The stars are quite fascinating too.

And this, and this; my copies are close to tattered. Dr. Wheeler is such an interesting and kind person to talk with-- I ran into him last summer at the university, and we had a rather long chat about the various behaviors of the universe, and what he calls the 'rubber band theory'. Unfortunately, we had to abruptly end it all, as I had to rush to the lab.

Hope you're well.



Gandhali said...

hi there, thanks for your lovely comment on the gulab jamuns, "a photo a day" was a project that we were planning to start last year, it went on for a bit then fizzled up. we might pick it up again unexpectedly!

but i take this opportunity to introduce to my blog, the graphic bee

please take a look if it's anything that you like :) thanks!

Erin said...

"It is the art of not being constant, but bright and beautiful all the same" - that's a lovely way of putting it.

pinkapplecore said...

"what we are never changes, who we are never stops changing"

Thank you for that lovely comment you left, sorry it took so long for me to reply, i've had cold.

you have beautiful blog...

Edge said...

Love the rainbow analogy :D

Cynthia said...

Hi Julia, I like the name of yhour blog - a
beautiful word, especially your definition.
And I am enjoying your posts.

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