shadows and sunsets

Yesterday, while taking an hour's break for a quick hike at Mount Bonnell, amidst the pre-wedding photography at the terrace, while I took these pictures, I spotted a man driving a little remote controlled car, the kind that is designed to fly over rocks and not break or even stumble. The car was on the verge of a very large rock; it tried climbing up just a al little bit, but then slid back down, many times. The man didn't lose his focus though, among the clicking cameras and giggling blonde in a wedding dress. 

I appreciate your persistence, I told him as the car slid down again and as his dog began to run in circles. 

Oh, he said, mildly startled, it's a hobby I just started. 

You're getting there, I said.

Well, he grinned, I'm glad I could entertain you. 


Cortney said...

Oh wow that first picture is really pretty.

Erin said...

that third photo down is my favorite! beautiful.

Edge said...

I thought this looked terrifically familiar! :D I was up there a couple weeks ago at night. Beautiful.

Julia said...

The sunsets there are gorgeous, aren't they?

Annie said...

These photographs are beautiful. They, in themselves, are poems and inspirations.

Beth Kephart said...

These photos are so hard to get. Beautifully done.

Cynthia said...

Gorgeous photos - like a wonderful vacation
for me - thank you, Julia.

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