This week I

* whistled, finally
* Began to read Six Easy Pieces by Feynman
* read over my old work and realized that it wasn't all that bad.
* bought new Expo markers after coming to the painful realization that my old ones weren't working.
* threw away those aforementioned Expo markers that didn't work.
*travelled to Reno, NV, and to a nearby beach, in which I got myself thoroughly wet and painfully denied myself the treat of parasailing, only because both my parents were there.
* wrote a poem.

Here it is, like I promised:

she is stretching her forgetfulness
into a blur
as they surround 
each rusted landmark and dimension.
she exhales the air 
then whispers after herself
with her newborn children
as I poise myself 
against yesterday’s rainfall
at the graffiti in Brussels.
I'll have a little excerpt from that distant long-in-progress novel up soon, along with a few pictures from Kings Beach, right over the California border. I have over 500 pictures so far; I think my camera should be dead by the end of the week. 

I pity my camera. 



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isabella said...

We went to king's beach too.

I really like the poem.

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