starry night

Today, as I finish up my semester here and quickly break before getting my nose in some delicious books and my imagination into some delirious daydreams, I think of one of my favorite paintings.

Van Gogh classic, though I know nothing else of that abstract, beautiful, and faraway world of visual art.  Make Escher and Da Vinci an exception to that.

It makes you dizzy, doesn't it?

Who knows. Maybe I'll get inspired.

If only my domestic telescope wasn't broken. But alas, city views from overly lighted balconies have always been painfully limited.

But I've finally managed to get that nearly flawless GPA, and I'm proud; so proud, in fact, that I treated myself to a size large cup of on-campus frozen yogurt and finished it all. There is a great difference between the frozen yogurt you find on and off campus, I promise you. My friend lives on campus. I do not. Not the most nutritious meal, but hey, it'll do. (The raspberry was, only with the absolutely mean-spirited intention to taunt and tempt you, mouthwatering. I mean it.)

Oh, and I have a few poems for you. Hold on tight. I'll have them up soon.

Not to mention that Blogger's screwed the site up, especially when viewed from Firefox. For now, Chrome and Safari seem to work. I'll fix it to the best of my abilities ASAP.

(edit: the site is now cured. ;) I had to reformat it, unfortunately. )



Ruefle said...

I love art.
And I can't wait for your next poem.

Poetry lover said...

I like this plain look on your page. Simplicity, as they say is very sweet :-)

pinkapplecore said...

yeah for your semester being over! and the painting always reminded me of when you are in a city, it's raining, you're driving and all the lights seem to merge

hope you have a great summer break!

Edge said...

This is one of my favorite paintings of all time. It's just...it's like that portrait of the Dawn Treader, a portal to another world.

Maya Ganesan said...

I love the layout and the painting :)

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