Someone told me today that we should be dejected, pissed, euphoric, jealous, excited, confused, embarrassed, angry, awed and hopeful over a lifetime, until we learn from analyzing actions and reactions exactly and everything what we want.

Isn't that impossible? And even if it was possible, wouldn't the world, in the face of complete satisfaction, turn into a flatland?

I dislike labels and personality tests. I might have said that before, but, I do feel the need to emphasize it. I talked of how inventive graphing theory was to that same someone today, and then he asked, didn't you say you liked photography and that you're writing a novel? I told him, yes, I said that. Then he asked me how it was possible that I could like both, and I wanted to say, can't you see it's possible? They're all connected. I love a lot of things.

I'm busy now, unfortunately, or else I'd write more. Changes are happening, inside and outside. Fall is coming soon, but I like the word autumn better. All this astrophysics is so intriguing. Did you know that the maximum mass of a body made out of electron-degenerate matter has a maximum-- 1.4 solar masses? Electron degenerate matter is basically super dense, and it's composed of a whole lot of nuclei immersed in a sort of electron-gas. The limit signifies the maximum mass that can be supported against gravitational collapse. If the extent of said hypothetical gravitational collapse is high, then the body could theoretically become a black hole. The whole risk of gravitational collapse comes from Pauli's exclusion principle, which maintains that at least two of the electrons should have different spins. White dwarves, by the way, are made of electron degenerate matter.

If you understood any of what I just said, we should be very good friends.

I took that picture while we were moving at 80mph on a Dallas highway at night. Awesome effect.

Hope you're well.



Erin said...

Labels are one of my least favorite things, too. People want to put you in a box the minute they think they know a single thing about you. Ughh.

Edge said...

^Ditto that. It's never possible to entirely label people, and then there are just some people who don't fit any of them at all.

(I got about 75% of the astrophysics mini-lecture - pretty fascinating! :P)

Priya said...

Wow, I love the picture!

Anonymous said...

Oh Julia, were you driving that fast? That too within city limits! Or was someone driving you? If so, please post the name/address of your driver and we shall get him/her prosecuted appropriately. The proof that he/she was speeding might just be this picture that you have taken. There must be a way to estimate the speed of the car, based on this picture and your shutter speed, which I assume was the default value.

Jennifer Louise said...

I dislike labels too..and I have so many friends who want to live by them, and try to push their labels on me! Annoying!

I agree with what you said about writing and photography :)

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