Some people grow gardens, and, others visit the grocery store. I'm sadly part of the second group.

Right now, I wish for a coincidence. The new shower curtains are the sort of white that is undeniably happy, and this weekend was a day longer. Half-price Books had a sale, despite the fact that they are already half-price. I scoured the town, weaving through roads in my car, squinty eyed. I found Asimov's Pebble in the Sky for 30 cents. I picked up Orson Scott Card's Keeper of Dreams along the way. I looked and looked for Bradbury's Summer Morning, Summer Night everywhere, and couldn't find it.

I promptly punched the title into my phone, found this. These things shock me sometimes. Good things shouldn't be corrupted by material values, I think. Especially things as nice as this. Next weekend, I scour the library. (It's worth a try.)

I have nothing more to say other than that I bought 8 more cups of dark chocolate yogurt. I scrape by with drafts that are crumbs or cabinets of old ideas. Work piles up, and what I spent the last two months doing turns into these things. I am trying to write a short story, fifteen minutes each day after midnight. The chocolate yogurt is fat free. This makes me smile like a fool.

Take a few seconds, pay someone a visit. Holly's neighbor's dahlias are lovely. It is Kirthi's fourteenth birthday, standard deviation included.

And, I have to thank you for being here, however long you choose to stay. I love you more than even I can imagine.

love always,



Anonymous said...

Taken a look at this link?

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

3 days... that was a whirlwind tour! Glad you stopped by my blog. I live in Bastrop now but for 20+ years lived on 6th Street just west of Lamar. Ain't Austin great!!!

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