the days are so short, and now night has bleached day with a disseminating dye so bleak that it seems that wide eyes are the same as closed eyelids with the sun shining in(or was I falling asleep?) anticipation kisses clouds and suffocates the moon and the stars(they blaze white and glow red with alarm but you are blinded already); time is a statue of subtlety, rushing by on nebulous feet and still--

(you thought you had resorted to the frozen things)

these days are frozen in autumn.

(I finally got a flickr: [http://www.flickr.com/juliaventise]. )


Elizabeth J. said...

I love the beautiful simplicity of those pictures. Winter makes for such captivating photography.

~Elizabeth J.

Jhordyn Ashley said...

Gorgeous photos and beautiful words!

xx and hugs


a little yellow button. said...

Happy Christmas to you as well! Thank you for your kind wish. I absolutely love your blog! The photos are gorgeous; I am in love!


Joanna said...

What beautiful words! "and now night has bleached day" This is such an interesting concept, something that will keep me thinking all day. Your words are wonderous and sheer; like a transluscent pearl. xxx

maggie said...

i love your writing.

Clémence L. said...

What is the camera which takes the last photography ?

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