wonders, forged

in the night, we wait in feverish anticipation for Santa Claus, eyes secretly half open. we leave him chocolate chip cookies. we have no idea what kind he prefers.

she asks, what if he's allergic to eggs? and when she gets no answer she can hear herself echo bottomlessly.

she can't catch snow in bed; the walls are flawless. but in the morning, she will have presents.

[thank you so much for being the avid ears, bright eyes, and loveliest people that I could have ever imagined. i love you all. xx happy christmas/holidays/winter/new year.]


Sarah said...

happy and blessed christmas, julia. :) have an amazing one.

p/s: loving your blog! really simple and beautiful. x

Beth Kephart said...

we love you, too.

and your blog is looking like a total award winner of a blog. gorgeous.

Priya said...

Merry Christmas, Julia!

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful <3
Have a magical Christmas my darling!

Rachel said...

Happy Christmas!
(I am sure Santa loves chocolate chips cookies. He must.)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!
I thought you'd like the following:

Fleur said...

just love this <3
and i hope you had a wonderful christmas :)

kelly said...

The fact that we can't catch snow in bed might be one of the greatest injustices of the world. Merry Christmas! This is so lovely. You are so lovely.

sara said...

you've got such a gorgeous blog dear! i hope you had the most wonderful of winter holidays!



Jhordyn Ashley said...

I do hope your Christmas was just lovely dear, thanks for the comment. Gorgeous pictures as well!

xx and hugs


Edge said...

Beautiful. (The blog layout is fantastic!)

Sarah said...

lovely little story, julia. hope you had a beautiful christmas! :) x

sara said...

you've got such a lovely blog!
hope you had a wonderful christmas and that your new years is just as good!

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