candles and carbohydrates


I've been feeding myself much chemistry, which is digested with chemistry, as bile is an enzyme. I'll also be feeding myself many linked monosaccharides today at lunchtime, but, I digress.


First things first. Today is my dad's birthday, and my parents' anniversary, which makes it all doubly special. It's also why I'll be feeding myself those many monosaccharides today by digging into the menu at Macaroni Grill with my parents. Please be sure to wish my father a very happy birthday and my parents a good one.

All of which means I must force myself to hit the gym every day for the next three weeks or so, since I've skipped it for the last week. Did I mention tomorrow is also Memorial Day?

I also treated myself to a few new pieces of summer clothing, since I'd hate to be wearing sweatpants for the next three months in the heat of Austin. It's all packaged with envy though, because while I have to return to my room and study, everyone around me is erupting with the delight of the season. The thought that there are definitely more than a hundred people with me in the same boat comforts me. Some of you might be even busier, so I should likely stop whining right now, and right here.

Oh, and my cousin, who turns seven in just a few months, lost her first tooth. Those times of tongue-fiddling and gap-toothed smiles are nostalgic.

Lastly, if you happen to be reading anything this summer, pick up a copy of Tinkers, by Paul Harding. It is by far the best piece of literature I've had to fortune to read in a long time.




Beth Kephart said...

Wonderful to know you have read Tinkers and loved it so!

Rema said...

Hmmm... I would have thought you'd much rather deal with those peptide-bonded polymers rather than mono sacharide chains! And yeah... lipids... they are the best when it comes to taste!

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