fingernails bitten to the quick

Hi there.

I've been on hiatus, haven't I? Sorry about that. I should get on with cramming for all those finals, but I have a few things I absolutely have to share with you.

For one, the lab has absolutely been wearing me out. Paired with the umpteen essays I have to write in the next two weeks, it's absolutely terrifying. I've been trying to keep my hands off of my blisters(which I got from my hiking escapes; there are too many hiking trails in Austin, I should think. Which is both a good and bad thing.) and my fingernails away from my teeth in the midst of all this work. My fingernails didn't quite make it, though. They're still frayed.

The work seems never-ending, but I've been hanging summer in front of me as a bait. The season's up in three weeks, and during those three months, I'll be flying over to Lake Tahoe, staying near a wonderful ski resort and driving around, snapping some great pictures of majestic mountains and flowing waterfalls. I'll also be working on a couple of independent research projects, independent being the key word, finishing up a long term writing project, furthering my Tetris scores (now at an all-time high of roughly 350,000 at level 15), and reading, reading, reading. I've never been skiing before, so the lurking possibility has kept my work ethic in check.

And finally, this. It's what I've been waiting to show you. Yesterday, I made a quick trip to the grocery store in the evening and saw this in the parking lot.

First, I smiled, because I'd never seen such creativity in a while. Then I laughed for hours on end and couldn't stop. No, it wasn't a commercial car. No, it wasn't a taxi. I took a close look myself; it was simply a car, decked in the most ridiculous plaid possible. It'd be fitting for a notebook's cover.

Yes, I nearly dropped the grocery bags while snapping the photo.

What about you? What have you been laughing at, and what are you doing this summer?




Cortney said...

Omg. I saw a van like this yesterday.

Q said...

Hey, how'd my car get to Austin?

Oh, right. That's not my car. I just wish that was my car.

Maya Ganesan said...

Hahah! I LOVE that car! That's awesome.

Thanks for the really nice things you wrote on my blog. I appreciate it a lot -- I'm pretty lucky to have you as a visitor.

Erin said...

I want that car!

odessa said...

ha, that's some plaid car right there! <3

i guess everyone's on the same boat these days, swamped but excited about the summer. sounds like yours will be exciting as well. at least we have summer goals, right? :)

Cynthia said...

Yikes! That is a heavy workload, Julia.
However, summer it the perfect carrot to
dangle in front of your over-worked brain.

This summer will find me studying for
an exam and learning Spanish. I will have a
list of museums to visit and have signed
up for jewelry making classes.

Julia said...

@odessa thank goodness for summer goals. I remember when I used to waste all two and half good months.
@Cynthia it's the home stretch; I'm getting there. ;)
And I love museums! Jewelry sounds awfully fun too. Good luck with the exams.

Ruefle said...

I love setting up summer goals - even if I might not complete all of them. : )

Nice post - I admire how your words flow casually, conversationally while also maintaining this wonderfully poetic atmosphere.

I enjoy reading your posts and looking at your photos - even plaid cars. Ha!

Ly said...

I saw that car at HEB! So cool.

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