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This was posted over a year ago, but I just have to link it. It's unforgettable and delectable. Click here.

My parents are also shopping for a new set of kitchenware, namely dining sets. The descriptions they have below the product pictures make me laugh my stomach sore, for reasons I can't quite explain. Here's one from BB&B

A marriage of modern art and dining, Brushstroke allows you to transform your table into a palette. Each porcelain piece is adorned with a unique brushstroke and a solid black back to create a truly distinct look on your table. Perfect for casual entertaining. Set includes 11" dinner plate, 8 1/4" salad plate, 8" soup bowl and 14-ounce mug. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 

I think it must be the 'marriage' of that lyricism to the consumer appeal. I like the set, though. 

One more week before I take off for Tahoe with my parents. It's going to be lovely; I think I'll entertain myself with the Sky Mall mag. That is, if I don't grab a window seat. Sky Mall has the most ridiculous, useless, but eccentric products in it. I've seen something along the lines of 'dolphin shaped toilet knob' in it. I don't think you'd find those anywhere else. And a 'circulation improving cushion for $300. Ah, I would totally buy that-- wholeheartedly, honestly. (Are you kidding me?)

Oh, and for you quarter collectors out there, there really is a Virgin Islands quarter in existence. I now have one myself. 




Priya said...

I love reading Sky Mall too. :) I remember once they had a Harry Potter version with all these Harry Potter collectibles, but everything was ridiculously expensive...

Edge said...

Sky Mall is the bomb.

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